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Honors Scholarship: "A Call to Engage in the Academic Lives of Our Students"

To address the issue of debt associated with a medical school education, in 2009, the MSM Honors Scholarship Initiative was launched. The program provides support to a select number of first-year entering graduate students who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrate leadership and community stewardship during their undergraduate course of study. 


Cost of a Medical Education

Students seeking to embark upon a medical career often start with a simple question, "Can I afford medical school?"  At MSM, we strive to keep tuition relatively low.  Nonetheless, for most students and their families, medical school is a significant financial investment, and the rising cost of a medical education is on the minds of our students and prospective students. 


Medical School Education: Education Debt

The nation has a critical need for primary care physicians.  However, as the average compensation for primary care physicians is typically lower than that of specialist, primary care physicians may experience more difficulty repaying their medical education loans.


Your scholarship support to an MSM medical student will reduce the debt associated with a medical education and encourage students to pursue family medicine and their specialties (Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology -- often the bedrock of medical care).


Your Gift Ensures a Better Future

Recent studies reveal that Georgia soon will experience a shortage of physicians.  In response to Georgia's and the nation's growing need for more health care professionals, Morehouse School of Medicine continues to increase class sizes.


Your gift to the Honors Scholarship initiative will not only assist an MSM student in financing his or her education, it will also help increase the number of primary care physicians in Georgia and help the vulnerable communities that MSM students traditionally serve.


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