Ph.D.  in Biomedical Sciences  


This interdisciplinary program is designed to prepare independent investigators to assume leadership roles in academic, government, and corporate biomedical research. It involves a core didactic curriculum followed by faculty-guided dissertation research directed toward contributing new discoveries that will advance the field in which the student is interested.

M.S. in Medical Science

clinicalThis program is designed to enhance student credentials for entry into medical school by offering a challenging biomedical sciences and public health curriculum and strengthening critical thinking skills in a supportive academic environment. 

GEBS Learning Communities

The GEBS Learning Communities are groups of graduate education students facilitated by faculty and peer mentors who encourage the development of valuable skills and relationships.


MSM offers a number of dual degree programs to help tailor advanced education to the individual's needs and interests.

STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT                      

MSM evaluates student success in the context of our mission. The areas of achievement vary by program and include parameters of retention (low attrition), graduation, success in licensure examinations and career placement.  


ChemicalsThis thesis-based M.S. program provides coursework and research training for students preparing to pursue a doctoral degree in research or the health professions, or seeking a terminal master's degree. MSBR students explore career options, document their ability to handle graduate studies, and conduct mentored research in an area of interest. 

M.S. in Clinical Research

Contact UsThis  broad-based multi-disciplinary graduate level program in clinical research is designed to prepare clinical and translational research faculty, residents, and others. 

M.S. Biomedical Technology

phd student lab shotThis non-thesis program provides a foundation in biotechnologies through apprenticeship experiences. 

B.S./M.S. Program in Neuroscience

In collaboration with Morehouse College, Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University, students immerse themselves in Neuroscience coursework and research. Within 5 years of starting their undergraduate degree, students receive both a B.S. degree from their undergraduate institution and an M.S. degree in Neuroscience from MSM. 

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The Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences Program office is located on the Westview campus of MSM. Contact us today to learn more about our Ph.D., MSCR, MSBR, MSMS and MSBT programs.

Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences