The Department of Medical Education (DOME) is the academic home for interdisciplinary faculty with a wide variety of backgrounds, degrees, and skill sets who are deeply engaged in educational activities in addition filling to multiple administrative roles. We direct and teach interdisciplinary MD courses:  1st year integrated curriculum; Pathophysiology; Fundamentals of Medicine 1, 2, 3; as well as teach in the GEBS, MPH, and Faculty Development programs.  We are/aspire to be master teachers with the passion and skills to support a diverse student body.  In addition to teaching, members of the DOME have administrative roles in directing the Clinical Skills Center /Standardized Patient Program, the Quality Enhancement Program/Learning Communities, the Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources (OSLER), the Office of Education Technology, and more.


MSM employs more than 250 full- and part-time faculty members, many of whom are internationally recognized in their field.

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Medical Education