• Behavioral Medicine

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  • Overview

    The Division of Behavioral Medicine was developed in July of 1995 as Biopsychosocial Medicine. The name was changed in 2005 to reflect the evolution of biopsychosocial medicine to a model more consistent with behavioral medicine approach... The division, which consists of a Nutritionist and Psychologist, was structured to emphasize teaching of collaborative care and the integration of behavioral and psychosocial dimensions in providing healthcare.

    Our Biopsychosocial Team Helps You With...

    • Learning how to stay healthy
    • Learning how to practice good health habits and give up the harmful ones
    • Learning how to respond to your body's warning signs before something serious happens
    • Learning how you and your family members can achieve your personal best

    We Assist in Developing a Healthy Lifestyle Through...

    • Individualized or group counseling sessions
    • Health risk assessments and health risk reduction
    • Nutrition assessment and nutritional risk reduction
    • Chronic disease counseling
    • Relationship and family counseling
    • Community enrichment support

    Members of Our Team Specialize In...

    • Family wellness
    • Community Health Promotion Classes
    • Home-Based Care visitation to the Elderly, and patients of the Maternal and Child Health program
    • Teen Pregnancy Prevention/Health Promotion