• Medical Student Education Program Course Goals

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  • Goals

    1. To prepare culturally sensitive health care providers who are knowledgeable of the principles of family medicine.
    2. To provide experiences which will aid students in developing the knowledge base and clinical skills to diagnose and manage common acute and chronic problems seen in Family Medicine.
    3. To provide experiences which will aid the student in developing the knowledge base and skill to provide age and gender appropriate health maintenance
    4. To provide experiences which will allow students to improve their skills in history taking, performing physical exams, and developing reasonable differential diagnoses; and to develop management plans appropriate for their level of training.
    5. To establish an empathetic rapport with patients and the community to foster partnerships conducive to promoting health, preventing diseases and establishing a therapeutic alliance.
    6. To teach students to appreciate the differences between outpatient and in-patient care in terms of patient autonomy, the importance of lifestyle, family, community, and environmental, sociocultural, and socioeconomic factors.
    7. To introduce the student to the comprehensive primary care of rural populations and the analysis of rural health problems.