• Reading Materials

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  • Reading Material

    1. Behramm & Vaughan. Textbook of Pediatrics (Nelson)
    2. Pritchard, J.A., MacDonald, P.C. & Gant, N.F. William’s Obstetrics
    3. Novak. Text of Gynecology
    4. Rakel, Essentials of Family Medicine
    5. Taylor, Family Medicine
    6. Family Practice Review by Swanson
    7. Family Practice Handbook


    1. Dershewitz, R. (1991). Ambulatory Pediatric Care, Second Edition.
    2. Hacker, N. & Moore, J. (1992). Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Second Edition.
    3. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine
    4. Bates, Physical Examination and History Taking
    5. Rakel, Conn’s Current Therapy

    These textbooks will be available at each preceptor site (W.T.Brooks, Family Practice Clinic).

    Supplemental Articles

    • *Articles should be read prior to the lecture being given.
    • New Options for Treating Type II Diabetes
    • Asthma: Diagnosis and Management
    • Interpreting Thyroid Tests
    • The Sixth Report of the Joint National Committee (JNC VI) on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure
    • Pelvic Examination: What to Focus on in Menopausal Women
    • Pathogenesis of PID
    • A Rational Approach to the Diagnosis of Arthritis
    • Postpartum Care
    • Management of Genital Herpes
    • Today’s Treatment of STDs
    • Eczema: The Nuts and Bolts of Management
    • Office Management of Arthritis
    • Where Can You Go Wrong? Putting It All together
    • Helping Patients Choose the Appropriate Contraception
    • Preventing Cervical Cancer: The Role of the Bethesda System
    • Overview of Sinusitis
    • Issues in the Management of Human Papillomavirus Genital Disease
    • Fever without Source in Infants and Young Children
    • Common Questions Patients Ask During Pregnancy
    • Childhood Sexual Abuse: Role of the Family Physician
    • The Infertile Couple
    • Induction of Labor
    • Group B Streptococcal Disease in the Perinatal Period
    • Preconceptual Obstetric Risk Assessment and Health Promotion
    • Assessment of the Post-term Pregnancy
    • Postpartum Mental Disorders
    • Preventing Perinatal HIV Transmission: Zidovudine Use During Pregnancy
    • Immunization of Adolescents
    • Management of Asthma in Children
    • Neonatal Circumcision Techniques
    • Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse in Adolescents
    • Recognizing a Case of Reye’s Syndrome
    • Evaluating the Child with Recurrent Infections
    • Diagnosis and Management of Nocturnal Enuresis
    • Chronic Pelvic Pain
    • Nutrition During Pregnancy
    • Home Visitation for Pregnant Women and Parents of Young Children
    • Getting into Adolescent Heads
    • Facts in Brief, Guttmacher Institute
    • Identification of Levels of Maternal HIV-1 RNA Associated