• Medical Student Education Program Requirements

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  • Requirements

    1. Engage in both guided and self-directed learning in order to meet the learning objectives for this clerkship.
    2. Evaluate all assigned patients based on presenting problems and individual health care requirements (based on age, sex, race/ethnicity, and family history).
    3. Maintain a log of each patient encounter.
    4. Attend all didactic and clinical sessions. Students are expected to be on time. If an emergency should arise, the student must contact the clerkship director and program manager.
    5. Participate in the admission of one medical patient and write a full history and physical on that patient.
    6. Complete an inpatient project (described in teaching format section) on the patient admitted.
    7. Participate in the labor management and delivery of one prenatal patient and complete a delivery note for that patient.
    8. Complete all computer assisted cases using fmCASES.
    9. Schedule one patient home visit with the clinical instructor. Write the report and submit for grading.
    10. Wear an identification badge, professional attire and a white coat at all times. When introduced to a patient, a student should always be identified as a student physician. Jeans, short skirts and tennis shoes are not acceptable attire.
    11. Students must protect patient confidentiality. Charts are not to be taken from the premises of any healthcare site. Removal of patient records will result in automatic failure of the clerkship.
    12. Be careful about conversations regarding the patients in the halls or in the student learning center where patients may overhear. Do not discuss cases by patient names except with your attending or persons directly involved in the patient's care.