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  • Medicine Clerkship

    The Department of Medicine offers undergraduate training in internal medicine. The third year clerkship in internal medicine is administered by Dr. Marvin L. Crawford, MD, M. Div., and offers an eight week experience in inpatient internal medicine based at Grady Memorial Hospital. Students are also exposed to sub-specialty: outpatient clinics.

    The principles of internal medicine form the foundation of the diagnostic evaluation of all patients. Internal medicine, as a discipline, emphasizes and places great importance on the skills of history taking and physical examination. All students are expected to master these skills. This discipline further seeks to foster problem solving skills through acquisition of a broad knowledge base, generation of clinical hypotheses, and synthesis of a plan to discriminate among hypotheses. This process of differential diagnoses formation and problem definition are best learned in the internal medicine clerkship. Patient management skills for hospitalized patients are emphasized. The internal medicine ward experience also teaches the student to take personal responsibility for the individual patient's medical care.


    • To develop knowledge that will enable the student to evaluate and manage clinical problems commonly encountered in the sub-Specialty: of internal medicine.
    • To develop clinical judgment and interpretive skills necessary for effective patient evaluation and management.
    • To develop the technical skills necessary to safely and accurately perform basic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures common to the practice of general internal medicine.
    • To develop the interpersonal skills necessary to function effectively as a part of the health care team.

    Ambulatory Medicine

    Over recent years, the strong shift to outpatient treatment, the influx of health management organization and the advent of cost-containment by decreasing hospitalizations, ambulatory medicine has become pivotal in the training of future physicians. A one month rotation designed to introduce fourth year medical students to the outpatient medicine setting is required for all Morehouse School of Medicine medical students. In addition to learning the pathophysiology, natural history, diagnosis, and treatment of common diseases, students will be introduced to cost-effective medicine. The lectures and problems oriented discussions are a key base to this rotation. Each lecturer will provide 1-2 problem-oriented case studies at the end of each session. Patient management will be discussed in various clinical settings including Morehouse Grady Clinic, Grady Urgent Care Center and Morehouse Medical Associates.


    • To acquaint students with common problems seen in the outpatient settings.
    • To develop interviewing, data collecting, and interpretive skills for the outpatient setting.
    • Identify the most encountered problems in Ambulatory Medicine.

    Senior Electives

    Fourth year medical students are offered the following electives:

    • Sub-Internship in Medicine
    • Cardiology
    • Critical Care

    For more details about these electives, please view the MSM Student Handbook.

    Interested students should contact Ms. Jasmin Anderson, Program Coordinator in the Admissions office at (404) 752-1836 or to begin the application process.