• Roger Simon, MD

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  • Roger Simon, M.D.
    Director, Translational Programs in Stroke
    Professor, Medicine (Neurology) and Neurobiology
    Director and Chair, R S Dow Neurobiology Laboratories, Portland
    Professor and Vice Chairman Neurology, University of California, San Francisco

    Contact Information

    Post Doctoral Fellow, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK
    Residency, Neurology, University of California, San Francisco
    M.D., Cornell Medical College

    Endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms in brain
    Endogenous neuroprotection and its actuators in modeled ischemic tolerance. The overall goal is effective treatment of stroke.  In the phenomenon of ischemic tolerance, the brain sustains less injury after prolonged ischemia (attenuation of blood flow; stroke) if the prolonged ischemia is preceded by a brief, non-injurious ischemic episode (preconditioning ischemia or transient ischemic attack). This endogenous neuroprotective mechanism that produces ischemic tolerance is conserved across species and the effect is robust. Thus, there is considerable therapeutic potential in dissecting the biological mechanisms that produce tolerance.
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    Research Keywords: Stroke, ischemic tolerance, genomics, proteomics.