• Postdoctoral Training
    in Genomics & Hemoglobinopathies

  • Microbiology Overview
  • Program Overview

    MSM is committed to promoting the participation and training of underrepresented minority students in research focused on causes of global disparities in biomedical, clinical and health services. The program recruits and trains four postdoctoral fellows over five years. The research is conducted in collaboration with the MSM Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences and the Master of Clinical Research programs.

  • Research Interests
  • Research Interests

    Members of the Morehouse Postdoctoral Training in Genomics & Hemoglobinopathies will conduct laboratory, clinical and population-based studies that examine interactions between SCD and nutrition, inflammation, vascular biology, susceptibility to infection and possible therapeutic interventions.

  • Microbiology Faculty
  • Faculty

    The director, professor Jonathan Stiles, Ph.D., and the co-director, associate professor Jacqueline Hibbert, Ph.D., lead a talented faculty specializing in biochemistry, hemoglobinopathies, nutrition, family medicine, pediatrics, community health, preventative medicine, biostatistics and clinical research.

  • Participating Institutions
  • The program involves a partnership between MSM, University of Ghana Medical School Emory University and the Medical College of Georgia.

  • Post-Doctoral Fellows
  • Currently we have four fellows conducting research in patients from West Africa, North Africa and China.

  • Application Requirements
  • Acceptance to the MTGHP will be based on the total profile of the applicant. Requirements can be found here.

  • Contact Us
  • For the main mailing address or to contact Associate Professor Jacquline Hibbert follow the link.