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  • Jonathan K. Stiles, PhD
    Interim Chair and Professor, Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry
    & Immunology

    Jacqueline Hibbert, PhD
    Associate Professor, Biochemistry Hemoglobinopathies/Nutrition

    Thomas Adamkiewicz, MD MSCR
    Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

    Iris Buchanann, MD MSC
    Associate Professor, Pediatrics

    Beatrice Gee, MD
    Associate Professor, Pediatrics

    Alexander Quarshie, MD, MS
    Research Associate Professor, Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine


    Richard K. Gyasi, MB CHB (University of Ghana), D.C.P. (LONDON), FWACP
    Senior Lecturer at the Department of Pathology, University of Ghana Medical School, Ghana

    Dr. Gyasi will provide assistance in selecting the most qualified trainees from the University of Ghana Medical School for the program. Dr Gyasi has been assisting us in a similar way on previous training programs at MSM including our WHO funded and NIH/FIC funded cerebral malaria studies in progress. As a physician, Dr. Gyasi has IRB authorization and has many years of experience processing tissue samples for research purposes.

    Graham Sergeant, M.D. Sickle Cell Trust, Jamaica

    Dr Graham Sergeant of the Sickle Cell Trust, Jamaica, has over 35 years of experience in sickle cell research and will provide specialist lectures, research tutorials and advice on clinical research and mentorship. Dr. Sergeant has been a pioneer in sickle cell research and has won many awards such as that from the coveted Wellcome Trust award and Medical Research Council of United Kingdom. Dr. Sergeant advises an inter Ministerial Committee of the Brazilian, Ugandan, Grecian, Saudi Arabian and Indian governments on the development of Sickle cell services. His involvement in clinical research and care of patients with Sickle Cell Disease internationally is a great asset to this training program.