• Thomas Adamkiewicz, M.D. MSCR

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  • Thomas Adamkiewicz, M.D. MsCR
      Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
    Hemoglobinopathies/Clinical Outcomes

    Contact Information

    Phone: (404) 756-1287

    Research Interests
    Dr. Adamkiewicz will serve both as mentor and instructor of the hemoglobinopathy training program. Dr. Adamkiewicz’s prevention of infections in children with SCD, including assessing the effect of the licensed conjugate pneumococcal vaccine. This project involves surveillance of infection in various patient populations with Sickle Cell Disease in the US, in collaboration with other academic institutions and the CDC. Of particular interest is the evaluation of outcome associated risk factors. In collaboration with St-Jude research hospital, the CDC, and Dr. Stiles, microbial genetic factors are being examined, such as bacterial isolate clonality and virulence gene expression with total genomic single microbial isolate microarray analysis of over 120 invasive pneumococcal isolates form children with SCD. Other interests include iron overload and feasibly of unrelated cord blood transplantation. Dr. Adamkiewicz has also participated in national clinical studies (Acute Chest Syndrome study, STOP, STOPII. Dr. Adamkiewicz is involved in medical student and resident training. He has also participated for four years in the Howard Hughes SURE mentored program for undergraduate students at Emory University.