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  • Members of the Morehouse Training Genomics & Hemoglobinopathies Program Group (MTGHP) conduct laboratory, clinical and population-based studies that examine interactions between Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and nutrition, inflammation, vascular biology, susceptibility to infection and possible therapeutic interventions.

    Recent studies examined the relationship of resting energy expenditure with inflammation in patients with SCD, allocation of the increased metabolic demand, as well effect of high protein diet on the inflammatory response in SCD mouse models.  Determinants of vascular injury are being elucidated, with demonstration, for the first time, of the enhanced vasculogenic potential at steady-state in patients with SCD.  These may serve as markers of disease severity.

    Population based studies examined the nature of increased susceptibility to pathogens, methods of prevention, and their possible global impact.  In addition to the effect of nutrition, other therapeutic modalities explored include stem cell translation modalities, and interaction between chronic transfusion iron overload toxicity, inflammation and hemolysis.