• Research Interests

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  • Cancer
    Ruben R. Gonzalez-Perez, Involvement of cytokines and leptin signaling in cancer
    James Lillard, Nanotechnology, cancer and mucosal immunology
    Julian Menter, Effect of solar UV on mammalian skin, chemistry and photobiology of  pigment melanins
    Gary Sanford, Vascular and cancer cell biology
    Rajesh Singh,  Nanotechnology, cancer and mucosal immunology
    Veena Rao, BRCA1 and Elk-1 in breast, ovarian and prostate cancers (secondary appointment)
    E. Shyam P. Reddy, Targeted therapeutic approaches to human leukemia and solid tumors (secondary appointment)

    Deborah Lyn, Biomarkers for hypertensive heart disease
    Gary Sanford, Vasculogenesis during early embryonic lung development

    Nutritional Biochemistry
    Jacqueline Hibbert, Amino acid nutrition, metabolism and severity of sickle cell disease
    Myrtle Thierry-Palmer, Vitamin D, calcium, and salt-induced hypertension

    Infectious Diseases: HIV
    Vincent Bond, HIV-1 nef pathogenesis, vaccine development
    Ming Bo Huang, HIV-1 nef pathogenesis
    Gale Newman, HIV-associated nephropathy and endothelin 1, HIV-1 nef pathogenesis
    Michael Powell, HIV-1 nef pathogenesis, vaccine development
    William Roth, HIV-1 nef pathogenesis

    Bacterial and Other Infections
    Francis Eko, Chlamydia: Immune mechanisms and vaccine development
    Qing He, Immunoregulation and vaccine development
    James Lillard, Pneumococcal and mucosal immunity
    Anisia Silva-Benitez, Pathogenesis of cholera
    Jonathan Stiles, Neuropathogenesis of parasitic diseases
    Lilly Immergluck, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (secondary appointment)
    Joseph Igietseme, Mucosal immunity, immunomodulation and vaccine delivery (adjunct appointment)

    Genomics and Immunopathogenesis of Sickle Cell Disease Training Program
    Jonathan Stiles, Director
    Jacqueline Hibbert, Co-investigator

    Research Centers in Minority Institutions
    Vincent Craig Bond, Director

    Research Infrastructure
    Dorothea Parker, Lab Leader, Biomedical Technology Service Laboratory
    Michael Powell, Lab Leader, Proteomics Lab, ACPP Core
    William Roth, Lab Leader, Sequencing Lab, Gene Profiling Core
    Rajesh Singh, Lab Leader, FACS Lab, Cells and Tissues Core