• Alec J. Davidson, Ph.D.

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  • Alec J. Davidson, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    Post-Doctoral Fellow: University of Virginia
    Ph.D. Florida State University

    Contact Information

    Phone: (404) 752-1703

    Understanding Circadian Organization

    Nearly all biological functions, in nearly all organisms, are organized in the time domain. The daily appearance and disappearance of environmental light during evolution provided a framework within which animals could consolidate their activity and rest periods. The timing of behavior and other physiological activity is internalized, and is under the control of internal biological clocks called circadian oscillators.

    In my lab, using mouse models, we strive to understand how these rhythms are controlled by the master oscillator in the brain, called the SCN. We also try to understand the consequences of disrupting the normal temporal harmony in the organism. For example, shift work is common in our society, and carries with it numerous health consequences such as increased rates of cancer. Our animal models simulate such lifestyles, and our studies are designed to determine exactly what is causing disease in these environments, and how this can be prevented.
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    Laboratory Members

    Oscar Castanon-Cervantes, Ph.D., Lab Manager, Post-Doc
    Jennifer A. Evans, Ph.D., Post-Doc

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