• An Zhou, Ph.D.

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  • An Zhou, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Neurobiology
    Associate Scientist, Robert S. Dow Neurobiology Laboratories
    Instructor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chicago
    Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Chicago
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University
    Ph.D., University of Copenhagen

    Contact Information

    Phone: (404) 756-5722

    Understanding Neuronal Response to Ischemic Stress

    The work in this laboratory concerns protein biosynthesis in neural cells. We are interested in how neurons produce proteins with proper function, at the right time and in the right location; and, how protein biosynthesis may modulate the neuronal response to various stresses. Current research focuses on protein actutators of neuronal ischemic injury and its prevention.

    Neurons are sensitive to ischemic stress and vulnerable to ischemic cell death. In the brain, prolonged ischemia will result in massive tissue injury, as seen in ischemic stroke (one of the most devastating neuronal disorders in the North America), whereas in eye, retinal ischemia may trigger glaucomatous changes or other vision disorders.
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    Laboratory Members

    An Zhou, Ph.D., Principal Investigator
    Fang Bian, Ph.D., Research Associate
    Li Cao, Ph.D., Research Associate
    Yun Li, M.D., Research Assistant
    Kefeng Xu, M.S., M.D., Research Associate


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