Pediatrics Residency Program

  • Leave

    Vacation Leave
    Includes 15 days compensated leave per training year (from July to June). Leave blocks are designed within the structure of the residency training program.

    Sick Leave
    Includes 15 days compensated leave per year for illness, injury and medical appointments for the resident or for the care of an immediate family member.

    Family and Medical Leave
    Includes 18 days of compensated leave for maternity, paternity or adoption leave. Residents who are unable to work because of maternity, paternity, adoption, or serious health conditions are eligible for uncompensated leave for a period up to 12 weeks annually, according to federal law. However, the program requirements and the specialty board requirements apply to the time needed to make up absences.

    Resident Spotlight

    Hometown: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
    Hobbies: Running and crafting
    Best thing about Atlanta: Diversity of small businesses and progressive young professionals
    - Stephanie Melbourne-Carbs
    Pediatric Resident
    Class of 2015