• Pharmacology & Toxicology

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  • Overview

    The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology provides educational programs for medical students and graduate students in the biomedical sciences. Our department offers study and research in a variety of pharmacology and toxicology sub-discipline areas, including: cardiovascular, ocular, biochemical, neural, molecular, immunological and environmental.

  • pharmacology research
  • Research Interests

    Our faculty and residents have a variety of interests in fields like glaucoma, hypertension, circadian rhythm and cancer. MSM provides well-equipped laboratories in the Research Wing as well as analytical laboratories for research in clinical and basic pharmacology located in the Multidisciplinary Research Center.

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  • Faculty

    Professors in the Department of Pharmacology have developed a variety of specialties and written articles for a great number of publications. They have also earned many awards. Follow the link to learn more about members of our faculty.

  • Course Offerings
  • Follow the link for a list of courses offered by the Department of Pharmacology and necessary prerequisites.

  • Neuroscience Institute
  • MSM’s Neuroscience Institute seeks to reduce suffering brought about by neurological disorders.

  • Selected Publications
  • For publications from our department and others search PubMed through the following link.

  • Contact Us
  • Follow the link for the mailing address and phone number for the Department of Pharmacology.