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  • MEDI 603. Medical Pharmacology and Toxicology (7 credit hours)

    Medical Pharmacology and Toxicology is a course for second- year medical students and graduate students. The course lectures include: introduction to the principle of pharmacokinetics (how the body acts on the drug) and pharmacodynamics (how the drug acts on the body) and a survey of major classes of therapeutic agents with emphasis on their mechanism (s) of action and therapeutic use (s), adverse effects and drug interactions. The Department also incorporates lectures, small group-sessions (patient-oriented problem solving; peer assisted learning), case studies, clinical correlation conference and objective-based examinations into the course. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of medical courses in biochemistry and physiology. Course Director: Evan Williams, Ph.D.

    Interim chair and Associate Professor: Evan F. Williams, Ph.D.