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  • The Minority Mental Health Research Program (MMHRP) at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) was established in 1999, when Dr. DiAnne Bradford received funding from the National Institute of Mental Health for a Minority Research Infrastructure Program (MRISP, P24MH58272). Along with the funding of RO1 GM58647 (D. Bradford, PI) to study Pharmacogenetics in African Americans, these NIH grants enabled sufficient core staff and large-scale studies to support a research training program for faculty and residents.

    Faculty serve as co-investigators, while training, developing protocols and collecting preliminary data for future research. Our approach is investigator-initiated research targeted at mental health issues that affect African Americans, and includes clinical trials and intervention strategies. Each individual brings their unique clinical experience to the group. The concept of the cooperative is formed on the old adage: see one, do one, teach one. Faculty and residents' educational and training programs include didactics, workshops and individual mentoring. They, in turn, begin to mentor others in the program. As the research division of the Department of Psychiatry, the MMHRP plays an integral role in the education and training in clinical research in the Department.