• Insurance

    Health, Life, and Long Term Disability Insurance
    Provided at no cost to the resident. Medical and dental insurance for beneficiaries is available, at a cost to the resident, through payroll deduction. Life insurance coverage will be according to the institution's policy. During a leave of absence without pay, health insurance may be continued. It is the sole responsibility of the resident to ensure that continuance of coverage is maintained.

    Short-Term Disability Insurance
    Available with a premium charge to the resident. This coverage allows for 60% of the resident's salary up to a maximum of 13 weeks. Workers compensation insurance coverage is provided by the institution. Professional Liability Insurance: Provided at no cost to the resident. This coverage is only for clinical duties performed within the resident program and does not cover moonlighting.

    Outside Professional Activities (moonlighting)
    These activities are not encouraged and each resident requesting entry shall be evaluated according to the level of progress in the program and their training responsibilities. The decision to allow the resident to engage in outside professional activities rests with the residency training director. It must be understood that professional liability coverage provided by MSM does not cover non-MSM activities.

    Resident Spotlight

    “If I could give advice to residency applicants I would tell them to find a program with a supportive environment where the learning opportunities are limitless”
    - Poonam Thandi
    Psychiatry Resident
    Class of 2014