• Community Health

  • CHPM Building
  • Department of Community Health & Preventive Medicine

    The CHPM approaches the diagnosis of health problems at the community level and works with the community to develop treatment plans. We incorporate this approach into our educational programs so that the physicians and public health professionals graduate better able to address the needs of the underserved communities where they practice.

  • Centers & Institutes
  • Centers & Institutes

    MSM is home to the world renowned centers and institutes like the Satcher Health Leadership Institute and the National Center for Primary Care among others. We are also affiliated with many other excellent organizations.

  • Training Program
  • Programs & Projects

    Several programs and projects exists throughout MSM to promote improved health care and reduce health disparities among underserved populations.

  • Community Programs
  • MSM features a variety of programs through our research centers, institutes and community programs.

  • Community Research
  • Some of MSM’s most significant research projects take place in the community; we are a national leader in community-based participatoryresearch.

  • Residency Program
  • We seek to train qualified physicians to promote healthy behavior and prevent disease, injury and premature death.

  • Upcoming Events
  • Check here for upcoming community health and outreach events.