Public Health/General Preventive Medicine Residency Program

  • Rotation Schedule

    Practicum Component

    Residents in the MSM PMR Program complete rotations in the following specialty core areas:

    Epidemiology/Biostatistics - Recognition of epidemiological and biostatistical principles in methodology.

    Clinical Preventive Medicine - Application and evaluation of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. The assessment of population and individual health needs.

    Occupational & Environmental Health - Recognition, assessment, and control of environmental hazards to health, including those of occupational environments. 

    Health Management & Policy - Planning, administration, and evaluation of health and medical programs and the evaluation of outcomes of health behavior and medical care. 

    Social/Cultural/Behavioral Aspects of Medicine - Recognition of the social, cultural, and behavioral factors in medicine. 

    Additional educational requirements are listed below:

    1. An elective in one of the core component areas of preventive medicine.
    2. Weekly didactic sessions covering various topics in public health and preventive medicine.
      Below is a table that illustrates a typical course of study.
      Year One Year Two
      Orientation (Two weeks)
      Summer - PMR Rotation 1
      MPH Fall Session ( 9 Credit hours)
      Fall- MPH Coursework (15 credit hours) PMR Rotation 5 & 6
      Winter Break Winter Break 
      Spring Semester – MPH Coursework (15 credit hours) Spring Semester- MPH Coursework (7 Credit hours)
      Summer- PMR Rotations 2, 3, & 4 *PMR Rotations 7 & 8
      *Rotation #9 is completed longitudinal throughout the duration of the program
      Additional Requirements: All residents are required to complete a minimum of 320 hrs. in clinical activities.
    3. Special Areas of Training
      This program offers additional areas of specialized training:
    4. Training in public health & preventive medicine with a concentration in the area of cancer control & prevention research. Applicants must express interest in this concentration upon applying.
    5. Combined training with the Morehouse School of Medicine Family Practice Residency Program. The combined residency is four and a half years in length and includes the MPH degree. At the completion of training, graduates are board eligible in both Preventive Medicine and Family Practice. Please contact our program for additional information. Those interested in combined training must apply separately to each program.