• Reginald Crossley

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  • Reginald Crossley
    Fulton County Department of Human Services
    MAVPP Nonviolent Music Contest Chair

    Reginald Crossley is currently part of the Fulton County Humans Service Department, Office of Children and Youth team, overseeing the Youth Commission Program where they address the many issues presently facing youth through the influence of government mandates, policies and legislations.

    Reginald has been a professional trainer & motivational speaker providing workshops, seminars, and conducting presentations on numerous topics. Reginald brings close to a decade of experience in program development and prevention services for non-profit organizations and in the government sector. He specializes in youth development, event coordination and trainings that directly affect issues concerning youth today.

    Reginald has provided training in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and violence prevention. He has conducted and/or developed numerous programs geared for "inner city" youth. Reginald also presents workshops on Gang Awareness, Bullying, Teen Suicide Awareness, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, and Entrepreneurship. Reginald is a certified violence and gang prevention specialist through the Georgia School of Addition Studies.

    As a Prevention Specialist, Reginald traveled the United States conducting trainings. One of the most requested trainings that Reginald offers is Gang Awareness. He has informed thousands of participants in the Southeast about the latest information on gangs. Reginald was also assigned to several High Schools throughout Metro Atlanta as the Community Outreach Specialist for SMART, Inc. where he implemented many of his ideas and life skill programs. Reginald has conducted training for a variety of Agencies including local Government, social groups, churches, and businesses.

    Reginald works closely with the Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership (MAVPP) as committee chair of the Non-Violence Music Initiative. Reginald and partners join forces to encourage young people to produce non-violent music while teaching them to incorporate the essentials of prevention. Reginald engages some of the music industries most prominent executives and recording artists for the organization’s mission to minimize street and gang violence amongst youth.

    Reginald will entertain you while informing you with his creative training techniques. Energetic and inspirational, Reginald’s enthusiasm and dedication is evident in his efforts to empower people. He leaves you armed with tools and information that are immediately beneficial. You can expect to be inspired by his passion for sharing information and his obvious desire to increase the well being of young people.