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  • Please Note: MAVPP meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month from 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM at various locations throughout Atlanta.

    Benefits of Membership

    Some of the benefits of being an active part of the MAVPP include:

    • Access to opportunities to collaborate on already-funded projects among members.
    • Free training in evidence-based practices for social services and other prevention staff through funded member resources.
    • Affiliation with nationally and internationally recognized institutions in the area of violence prevention.
    • Free access to a Hip-Hop-based capacity-building curriculum and training in the use of this resource for high school youth (This is primarily for organizations participating in the evaluation of the curriculum).
    • Participation in youth programs/outreach support via partnering agencies.
    • Grant support for positions at your agency via collaboration with MAVPP members.
    • Letters of support from the MAVPP for proposals that you may be submitting.
    • Justification for violence prevention initiatives that you may be submitting for funding by becoming part of the regional Peace Plan service delivery system.
    • Coordination of violence prevention services.
    • Linkage with free or evaluation resources with reasonable costs through relationships with university members.
    • Raising the profile of your organization as being a national and international leader in a partnership designed to prevent ALL types of violence prevention (Atlanta is a national leader in this area, and too often we fail to give ourselves credit for it).

    This is a very short list of the potential benefits that can result from participation in the MAVPP.  The dues are as follows:

    • Individual Membership: $25
    • Organizational  Membership: $100
    • Individual Charter Membership: $300
    • Charter Organizational Membership: $500
    • Corporate Membership: $5,000

    If you would like to become a member or have questions about MAVPP, feel free to contact MAVPP at