• Kandis Adams

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  • Kandis Adams
    BS in Biology, 2007, Clark Atlanta University
    MS in Biomedical Research, Student, Morehouse School of Medicine

    Contact Information


    Kandis entered the Biomedical Research Program in 2009.

    “This is an opportunity to grow and develop as a scientist with the aid of caring and challenging mentors and professors.”

    Research Interest
    My interest is immunology. I am glad that I am able to incorporate my interest into an area unfamiliar to me (i.e.  Neuroscience, more specifically circadian rhythms). This program has allowed me to have a greater appreciation for the integration between fields. As a future physician this will help me to look at my patients as a “whole” and not “part” (disease only) because there are so many underlying key factors that seem small, but can be the cause of an individual’s condition.