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  • Stanford – RCMI Clinical and Translational Research (CTR) Scholars Program

    The goals of this program are to increase recruitment of trainees underrepresented in CTR; provide education and career development in support of CTR; expand the reach of established Stanford CTR educational programs to trainees at other institutions; and to foster opportunities for collaborative research with institutions that have large numbers of underrepresented minority trainees and faculty.

    The CTR scholars program will bring together senior medical students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows to Stanford to participate in two educational courses and a sub-internship or fellowship rotation in order to foster their interest in CTR careers. Underrepresented minority (URM) participants will be identified through the RCMI network and matched with Stanford mentors and trainees.

    This opportunity is offered to the current group of students who are applying for residency programs so as to enable them to seriously consider Stanford in their ultimate rankings.

    Each of the seven RCMIs with medical schools is being asked to provide the CTR scholars selection committee with nominations from their respective schools, and a ranking of the candidates in the event of three or more nominations. Applicants should submit to their RCMI director (or designee), a brief personal statement describing their interest in the CTR scholars program, the subspecialty to which they are applying, and their plans for an academic career. Applicants should also request letters of reference from two individuals, one of which should be from a current mentor, to be submitted to RCMI director. The application package will then be reviewed by the RCMI director, and then sent electronically to Dr. Valantine, PI for the CTR Scholars Program at Stanford University: Attention Lydia Espinosa: "'Lydia Ana Espinosa'"

    All application material should be sent directly to Jacquelyn Ali and not directly to Stanford. This opportunity has limited dates, please email for more details and to check status of opportunity.