• Matthew J. Staples

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  • Matthew J. Staples
    BS in Applied Biology, 2004, Georgia Institute of Technology
    MS in Biology, 2007, Georgia State University
    PhD in Biomedical Science, Candidate, Morehouse School of Medicine

    Contact Information


    Matthew entered the Biomedical Sciences program in 2007.

    “I love how the graduate program is supportive of its students their scholastic endeavors and fosters a sense of an extended family at the school.”

    Research Interest:
    I am an inquisitive individual, striving to know how biological systems work and fine tune themselves.  Currently my research focus is on finding new mechanisms and pathways that regulate gene expression and protein translation. My goal is to use the knowledge gained from these new mechanisms and apply them to help treat cardiovascular disease.  My areas of interest in cardiovascular research are: the effects isoforms of nitrite reductase on cardiovascular functions, differentiation of cardiovascular cells from stem cells, and cell regulation by repetitive elements.