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    Degree Seeking Applicants

    Full-time and Part-time Study
    Graduate students who register for 9 or more credit hours in the Fall or Spring terms are considered full-time students. A minimum of 12 credit hours per semester is required to complete the degree in two years. All students are billed on a per credit hour basis. Students who register for fewer than nine credits are part-time students. Admission procedures for part-time students are the same as those for full-time students. Students who wish to register for more than 15 credits per term must obtain permission from their Degree Seeking Advisor.

    Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

    Special Status Student
    Special Status Students are only allowed to take core courses. Grades of B or higher earned by a student while in this category can be subsequently applied towards the degree. Any courses with a grade below B cannot be applied towards the degree. Remediation is not an option for Special Status Students. The maximum coursework permitted by students enrolled as Special Status is 12 credit hours (4 courses).

    Students can only enroll in 2 courses per semester. Students are billed on a per credit hour basis. Financial Aid is not available for Special Status Students. Academic progress and standards apply to all students.

    Graduate coursework completed by Special Status Student at MSM will be considered as residence credit and, upon approval of the MPH Program Student Academic Progress Committee (SAPC) may be used with the above limitation as credit toward the MPH degree.