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    Career Development Workshops

    Technical skills acquired in pursuit of a degree lay the foundation for proficient performance in the job market. However, the key to professional success entails more than technical education alone. Professional success mandates effective marketing of skills, knowledge, and the ability to open the doors to opportunities. Career development workshops are designed to equip students with information essential for seeking, obtaining and retaining employment.


    Public Health Leadership Seminars/Public Health Noon Seminars

    The MPH Program hosts monthly Public Health Leadership Seminars and co-sponsors Public Health Noon Seminars. These seminars explore a variety of issues and strategies used in public health and provide a forum for exchange on contemporary practices and theories. Students, faculty and the public health professional are exposed to local, regional, national and international leaders who present on emerging public health issues.


    Writing Workshop

    The Writing Workshop is designed to give students an understanding of and experience in specific kinds of writing of interest to those completing the Master of Public Health program at Morehouse School of Medicine. Course activities will consist of readings, discussions, and research writing assignments. Students also will work on a "creative" writing exercise and a culturally relevant risk communication and public outreach toolkit. The final class project entails library research and an annotated bibliography and research state of purpose appropriate to their Master's thesis topic.