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  • The MPH Program caters to a wide variety of students locally, nationally, and internationally, with various academic experiences. This diversity serves to enhance the program by allowing MPH students to interface with recent college graduates as well as with experienced professionals seeking to advance their careers.

    Student participation is an integral part of the program in preparing them for decision-making in their careers. In this regard, students have an opportunity to participate in the Master of Public Health Student Association, which is administered entirely by students who are selected by the association. Students serve as full members on various faculty committees, participating directly in the development of curriculum and administrative policies of the program.

    Student Government Association

    The MPH Student Association is the official student organization for the MPH Program. Officers form the leadership of the association, which include a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, community service chairperson, and social events chairperson. Members of the association meet once a month during the academic year. A mission statement and bylaws were developed in 1998.

    The purpose of the association is to:

    • act as liaison between the student body and MPH Program;
    • provide advocacy for student concerns;
    • provide input into processes/decisions that impact students;
    • promote and encourage collaboration among students, faculty, and staff; and
    • provide services to the community to improve the health, quality of life, and well-being of communities and people through education, research and service in public health.