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  • The Application Support and Development Team supports, develops, integrates and assists with acquisition of enterprise applications that support administrative business processes and the research enterprise. Our goal is to deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions that maximize the use of technology and resources. New initiatives are focused on improving and streamlining business processes and providing wider access to relevant data.


    Microsoft .Net technology: including VB.Net, ASP.Net, C#.Net and ADO.Net with Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, SQL Reporting Service

    Other technology: UniData, UniVerse, UniObjects

    • Vendor Application Selection: It is most cost-effective in the long run to look for existing solutions prior to developing new solutions. Our team will assist with selection of vendor applications by serving on a selection committee consisting of key users. The preliminary list of requirements must be created by the users and research and vendor selection are conducted by the committee.
    • Database Administration: We provide database administration for a limited set of custom and vendor databases.
    • Application Support: The Application Development Team supports vendor applications at various levels, depending on the application's scope.
    • Application Development and Integration: We provide application design, development and support if a viable vendor solution is not found. Our application development services also include customization of vendor applications and application integration.

    Application Knowledge

    All users of vendor and in-house applications must understand the application as it relates to their job function. You are responsible for obtaining sufficient training on the application and informing the appropriate person (Application Expert/Contact) if there are problems. If an error message displays on the screen or if an unexpected event occurs, you must stop what you are doing, write down the error message, and inform the contact person in your department.

    Logins and Passwords

    By accepting a login and password to an MSM Database Application, users are agreeing to the following password guidelines:

    • You will not disclose your password to anyone. Your password permits access to confidential information. It is your obligation to protection against unwanted intrusion into Morehouse School of Medicine's confidential data.
    • You will not make your password something that is easy to guess (e.g., your birthday, your phone number, your address, your child's name).
    • Exit the system after you have completed your session.
    • Notify IT if you think your login ID or password has been compromised in any way (e.g., known or used by someone other than you).

    Department Application Expert and Contact

    A department that uses a vendor application or in-house application must assign at least one staff member to be the expert in that application. The application expert acts as the primary vendor contact for vendor applications and IT contact for in-house applications. The department must support the application expert by providing him/her with training and by allotting time for the person to work with the software--solving problems, testing, and communicating needs and issues to IT staff members or to the vendor. The application expert/contact is responsible for:

    • Knowing the application
    • Attempting to solve problems prior to contacting the vendor or IT
    • Communicating with the vendor and/or IT
    • Testing new software features
    • Participating on implementation project teams when new features are implemented.


    Application Purpose Vendor
    GAMS Grants Management ERA Software Systems ERA Software Systems, Inc.
    Raiser's Edge Fund-raising and Institutional Mailing List Blackbaud, Inc.
    Colleague Financials and Student System Datatel, Inc.
    FITS - Financial Information Tracking System Web-based financial information MSM/IT
    Telecom/Network System Telecom and Network Budgeting and Reporting MSM/IT
    Faculty Information System Faculty Information MSM/IT
    AMCAS AAMC Admissions System AAMC
    Web Directory Web-based campus directory MSM/IT
    Immunization Tracking Student, Faculty and Staff Immunization database MSM/IT
    ePAS - Electronic Payroll Allocation System Payroll Allocation MSM/IT