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    Instructional Technology offers training, equipment, computer classrooms, software and development services to support the students, faculty and staff. We support faculty in the creation of a variety of media to help enhance our students' learning experience. We also specialize in providing courseware development, training and assistance for Blackboard 8, support for Audience Response Systems, and online testing.

    Instructional Technology has been instrumental in creating many interactive educational programs. Our applications are being used worldwide by other medical schools.

    See examples of our work here.

    The Tools of Instructional Technology @ MSM

    Blackboard is the online learning system used at MSM, it provides 24/7 access to course documents and learning materials. Students will automatically be enrolled into their courses.

    Turning Point [Audience Response System]
    Faculty use Turning Point, also known as Clickers, in the classroom to engage students with interactive presentations.

    Mediasite is a combination of technologies whose end-result is a Web page with video and slides from a PowerPoint presentation. The video is usually a "talking head" of the presenter as he/she is presenting and the slides are the actual slides shown at the live presentation. This tool allows us to broadcast a live event over the web to persons not on campus. It also allows us to archive the event so that it may be viewed on demand -- anytime, anywhere

    Video Production
    Instructional Technology has the ability to create short and simple videos for educational use. Many times these videos are incorporated into larger multimedia projects, but we can also post the videos to be streamed from the internet or encode the video onto CD or DVD formats.

    Adobe Captivate is a tool that records your desktop and the mouse as you perform tasks. The application will also record your voice. This allows the trainer to record tutorials for different tasks inside any application while giving verbal instructions or explanations to the viewer. The resulting files are Flash files that are posted to the Internet and viewable without needing to download specialized plug-ins.

    Faculty can create short podcasts available for download through Blackboard providing students with supplemental materials or focused review sessions.