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  • The Office of Compliance was established to manage the Compliance Program and is led by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) who reports directly to Morehouse School of Medicine's President and the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees. To assist the Office of Compliance in performing its oversight responsibilities with regard to compliance, the following committees were established:

    Compliance Liaison Committee (CLC)

    The Compliance Liaison Committee (“Committee”) is charged by the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Board of Trustees to coordinate MSM’s compliance activities and programs to ensure that they are reasonably designed, implemented, enforced and generally effective in preventing and detecting noncompliance. The Committee oversees actions to promote an organizational culture that encourages a commitment to compliance and ethical conduct. The Committee shall meet at least bimonthly. The responsibilities of the Committee shall include without limitation:

    • Providing general oversight and reviewing at least annually the compliance roles, responsibilities and activities of the compliance program.
    • Assisting the President, EVP and Dean and CCO in determining compliance priorities.
    • Advising and making recommendations, as appropriate, with regard to the compliance program.
    • Taking appropriate actions to ensure compliance awareness and compliance deficiencies are reasonably addressed consistent with the compliance program.

    Clinical Compliance Committee (CCC)

    Coming soon!

    Liaison Committee Membership

    Liaison Committee Organizational Chart