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    MSM Rights & Responsibilities

    The School has a right to:

    • Establish essential functions, requirements, abilities, skills, knowledge and standards for courses, programs, services, and activities or facilities and to evaluate all students, including individuals with disabilities, on this basis.  
    • Determine the appropriate standards in developing, constructing, remodeling and maintaining facilities.  
    • Request and receive, through the Office for Disability Services (ODS), current documentation that confirms disability status and supports requests for academic adjustments; auxiliary aids, and/or services.
    • Deny a request for academic adjustments, auxiliary aids and/or services if the documentation demonstrates that the request is not warranted, is unreasonable or would otherwise lower academic standards, fundamentally alter the nature of the program or impose an undue burden upon MSM, or if the individual fails to provide appropriate documentation.
    • Select among equally effective academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services. 
    • Refuse unreasonable academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services that impose a fundamental alteration to a program or activity of the School.

    • The School has the responsibility to:
    • Provide information to students with disabilities in accessible formats upon request. 
    • Ensure that courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities, when viewed in their entirety, are available and usable in the most integrated and appropriate settings.
    • Provide or arrange reasonable academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and/or services for students with disabilities in courses.  
    • Respond to requests in a timely manner.
    • Maintain appropriate confidentiality of records and communications and disclose appropriately as permitted by law.