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    Student Rights & Responsibilities 

      The Student has a right to:

      An equal opportunity to learn, participate and benefit from all academic programs available.

      “Reasonable” academic adjustments to assist in their learning process and to receive information regarding the availability of the academic adjustments.

      Confidentiality of all information about their disability, except as disclosures are required or permitted by law to facilitate resolution of a student’s request for academic adjustment or other accommodations. 

      Appeal process to review decisions related to academic adjustments and access. 

      The Student is responsible for:

      Meeting the School’s academic qualifications and requirements and maintaining the essential School standards for courses, programs, services, and activities.

      Self-identifying the nature of the condition and providing appropriate medical documentation to support the condition.

      Indicating the need for an academic adjustments and advocating for his/her own individual needs.

      Following the MSM procedures for requesting an academic adjustment.

      Submitting all required forms and documentation to the ODS by all deadlines stated.

      Requesting those academic adjustments in a timely manner each semester by meeting with the Disability Services Manager.

      Notifying the ODS if there are difficulties in securing the needed academic adjustments or with the quality of the academic adjustments.