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  • Title III Grants at the Morehouse School of Medicine

    The Morehouse School of Medicine received its first Title III Grant in 1982 under a Challenge Grant Program that was matched by the State of Georgia. The Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965 had been amended in 1981 to allow the inclusion of health professional institutions to address the need for more health care professionals. During this time, the Morehouse College got approval to expand the two-year basic medical science program into an independent four-year, MD degree-granting medical education program. Thus, the two-year School of Medicine at Morehouse College was terminated and the Morehouse School of Medicine established with Dr. Louis W. Sullivan as the first President and Dean. Dr. Clinton Warner became the first chairman of the Board of Trustees.

    Title III of the Higher Education Act of 1965 authorized a program of financial assistance to help eligible institutions of higher education develop their academic programs and physical plants so that they could compete with similar mainstream institutions. The primary recipients were historically black colleges and universities. Through several HEA reauthorizations, the program was amended to expand the scope and eligibility requirements. Two-year colleges and other four-year, minority-serving institutions were added. Under the 1986 HEA Reauthorization, the program guidelines specifically addressed development of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and the "Strengthening Historically Black Graduate Institutions (HBGI) Programs" was established. Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) was listed along with four other graduate and professional schools. The 2008 HEA Reauthorization amended the HBGI program to include 24 graduate and professional schools, including the MSM.

    The Title III Grant Program at the MSM has had a direct and indirect impact on institutional growth and development. In 1982, the Morehouse School of Medicine contracted with four other medical institutions to provide the third and fourth year curricula training while it developed the academic program and administrative and services. Entering enrollment was restricted to 24 students per class. The Title III Grant was used to supplement development of selected goals and objectives in the strategic plan. By 2010, the MSM had leveraged resources and developed the four-year, MD degree-granting medical education program, seven (7) residency programs, a doctoral and masters program in the Biomedical Sciences, and a masters program in public health. MSM has also developed a masters program in clinical research and established six (6) centers and four (4) institutes to address diseases that disproportionately affect minority populations. MSM has graduated over 1,000 medical doctors, the majority of whom have chosen careers in primary care specialties. The entering class size of MSM’s MD program is at 57 students per year and growing. Although the four-year medical education curriculum has been developed, MSM still contacts with other affiliates to provide diversified clinical experiences for students and residents.

    The Title III Grant and MSM’s Strategic Plan

    The Title III Grant is designed to supplement development of selected goals and objectives in the Morehouse School of Medicine’s Strategic Plan. The current Plan covers a five-year period ending June 30, 2014. The Title III Grant is addressing four (4) of the Strategic goals and nine (9) associated objectives (strategies) for a five-year period ending September 30, 2012. Thirty (30) departments are participating in the Title III Grant Project under five activities. They are as follows:

    • I. Academic Instruction
    • II. Student Services and Outcomes
    • III. Development
    • IV. Funds and Administrative Management, and
    • V. Project Management and Evaluation.

    Institutional practice is for departments to develop five-year action plans that show their implementation strategy for goals and objectives in MSM Strategic Plan. The Title III Administration Office uses the departmental plans to outline an operational version of selected goals and objectives from MSM’s Strategic Plan. This operational plan is used to develop the Title III Activity objectives with annual expectations over the five-year development cycle. Programs, projects, and/or services are outlined as tasks in implementation timetables that identify primary participants. Participating departments are required to report progress on selected goals and objectives. The Title III Administration Office monitors progress and prepares required and related reports for internal and external review.

    To facilitate data collection and reporting (2002-03), the Title III Administration Office developed a data management system (DMS) to provide participating departments with 24/7 Internet access to their Grant projects. Each department completes web-based questionnaires from a centralized database that provides ready access to previous period reports and associated documentation. The DMS provides the Title III Administration Office a more efficient resource to compile quantitative reports that show the cost and implementation status of goals and objectives in the Title III Grant and Strategic Plan.


    Title III funds are used to supplement development of selected goals and objectives in MSM's Strategic Plan. Said development is addressed in five (5) Title III Activities. Following are overviews of each Activity.

    Activity I:
    Academic Instruction - The focus of this activity is to strengthen the educational programs and services to accommodate larger class sizes while maintaining accreditation requirements. The emphasis is on compliance, faculty and student performance, and improving operational efficiency.

    Activity II:
    Student Services and Outcomes - The focus of this activity is to strengthen the academic and student support services to accommodate a larger, more competitive student enrollment. The emphasis is on centralizing student support services for all educational programs and strengthening the admissions and registration processes and procedures.

    Activity III:
    Development - The purpose of this activity is to address the need for a larger financial base to support institutional growth and development. The focus is to reorganize and strengthen current systems and procedures relative to enhancing our fund raising capacity and strengthening MSM's name recognition through improved internal and external communications.

    Activity IV:
    Funds and Administrative Management - The focus of this activity is to strengthen and enhance management information systems and operational procedures.

    Activity V:
    Project Management and Evaluation - The purpose of this activity is to monitor and record development under the Title III Grant project. Staff will work with the Office of Planning and Institutional Research to develop the Institutional Effectiveness Plan in an effort to institutionalize the monitoring and reporting processes developed by the Title III Grant program over the years.

    Data Management System (DMS)

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