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    Dr. Montgomery Rice's Committed to Expand Average Class Size by 2016

    Dr. Montgomery Rice's Committed to Expand
    Average Class Size by 2016

    Georgia has fallen behind other states in training physicians and is now scrambling to make up the deficit.  For many years, Georgia has relied on out-of-state and international physicians to make up for the lack of Georgia trained doctors. But this approach will not work for the years to come. According to a study conducted by the Association of American Medical Associates, Georgia will rank last in the United States in physicians per capita by 2020 if changes in the state’s medical education system do not occur.

    Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, M.D., dean and executive vice president, has made a commitment to expand the medical institution’s average class size of 56 to 100 by 2016.

    Morehouse School of Medicine is developing a strategic plan that involves more residency programs in Georgia for residents and facilities expansion to accommodate the additional students.

    “Having 100 students per class in five years is an obligation I’m making to be true to the reason Morehouse School of Medicine was founded. And it’s a way to become even more relevant to our state,” Montgomery Rice said.

    Morehouse School of Medicine was founded to bridge the gap in physician shortages in the state and the nation, as well as to attract and train healthcare professionals who deliver culturally-competent patient care.

    In 2010, 69 percent of resident graduates elected to stay and practice in Georgia after completion of their residency program.