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    Bridging the Gap in Primary Care

    Bridging the Gap in Primary Care

    In an economy where many doctors feel pressured to take on a higher-paying specialty, Morehouse School of Medicine make residents aware there is great reward in working with the underserved community and stresses the importance of quality medical care for all citizens.  Potential residents are encouraged from their initial meeting to enter Morehouse School of Medicine’s residency program to determine if their commitment to primary care is aligned with that of the medical school’s.

    Residents in the program fully understand there is a primary care physician shortage in Georgia and they are encouraged to bridge the gap. Urban and rural areas in the state are the most underserved.

    Morehouse School of Medicine’s program has a history of success in placing physicians throughout Georgia, ensuring most rural areas receive the brightest and most dedicated medical servants. In addition, residents of the program are graduating and become primary care doctors in inner-city areas of the state. Overwhelmingly, upon the completion of the residency program in 2010, 69 percent of resident graduates elected to stay and practice in Georgia; 71 percent chose to enter primary care.

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