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    American Medical News: When the office visit is a family matter

    American Medical News: When the office visit is a family matter

    Edit FreshEdith Fresh, Ph.D., a psychologist and associate professor of Clinical Family Medicine and Folashade Omole, M.D., assistant chair of Family Medicine, were quoted in the article on on November 14, 2011:

    Dr. Edith Fresh
    "Families are as varied as patients. We don't always know what the family dynamics are. Some families are not very intimate and don't share a lot.  For that reason, the patient may prefer that the family member not be there.  Meanwhile, the family member may feel that the only way they find out anything is to be in the exam room there with them."

    Edit Fresh Dr. Folashade Omole
    "I'm direct; I say, 'Tell me why you're here today. What are you expecting to get out of your presence here?' Understanding the family member's role -- which can range from simple emotional support to taking a major part in medical decision-making -- can help shape the visit and the rest of the relationship with the patient. You want to include them. I'll throw in a joke: 'What has the patient been saying about me?' Some people come just to observe the interaction between the physician and their loved one."

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