• Ruth B. Love, PhD

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  • Ruth B. Love, PhD
      Vice Chairwoman, Academic Affairs
    Committee, Development & External Affairs
    CEO, RLB Enterprises, Ltd.

    Ruth B. Love, PhD, is a professor of Educational Administration at San Francisco State University and founder and president of RBL Enterprises, Ltd., a consulting firm specializing in urban public education systems. She is a sought after speaker at national and international conferences and advises Ministers of Education throughout Africa.

    Prior to founding RLB Enterprises, Dr. Love served at all levels of education within local school districts and state and federal government agencies. She started her career as a teacher and went on to become the youngest person to be appointed as bureau chief of the California State Department of Education. She later served as superintendent of two large school districts in Oakland, California and Chicago, Illinois and led the federally funded National Right to Read program.

    Dr. Love earned a bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University, a master’s degree from San Francisco State University, and a doctorate in philosophy from the United States International University. She has received numerous honorary degrees, written several articles and books, and is currently writing a book on what works in urban schools.

    Dr. Love serves on the board of directors of the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology and Downs Community Development Corporation. She previously served as a member of the National Urban League, the American Association of School Administrators, the Council of Great City schools, and Women Administrators, Inc. Dr. Love has been involved in various commissions for five U.S. presidents and was recently appointed as a representative of the Diaspora African Union. Dr. Love is an active philanthropist and recently raised $5,000 toward scholarships to low-income high school seniors.