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  • Parking and Traffic FAQ'S

    Q: What are the operating hours of Public Safety?
    A: The Department of Public Safety is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Q: My classes are in the evening, do I still need to pay for parking?
    A: All faculty, staff and students utilizing the parking garage have to pay for parking either daily or by payroll deduction.

    Q: Do the parking rules change after hours and on the weekends?
    A: Yes. Monday-Friday after 5:00 PM, parking is free until 7:00 AM of the following day. On the weekends, vehicles
    may park in any numbered space in the parking garage for free until Monday morning at 7:00 AM

    Q. How do I contact Public Safety in the event of an emergency?
    A. For emergencies on campus, dial "9-911" or (404) 752-1794 or (404) 752-1795.