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  • Q. What is the goal of the MSM Student Endowment Fund?
    A. The goal of the 2013 Endowment Campaign is to raise $10,000.

    Q. How much money is each class member being asked to donate individually? 
    A. All students of the 2013 graduating class are encouraged to give up to $200. However, you can give at the amount you're comfortable giving (no amount is too small).  Donations can be made in increments until the full donation amount is reached.

    Q. Can I make incremental contributions?
    A. Yes, you can make incremental donations until your full pledge is met.

    Q. Can donations be made in the name of an MSM student from family members or other sponsor?
    A. Yes, donations can be made in the name of an student on behalf of a family member or sponsor.

    Q. Are there giving levels for alumni?
    A. Yes, we are asking alumni to contribute $100+ (any amount contributed makes a difference).

    Q. Are there giving levels for faculty/staff?
    A. Yes, we are asking faculty/staff to contribute $25 - $99, $100 - $499, or $500+.

    Q. What's the "Dream Team?"
    A. The "Dream Team" are our visionary donors who give at the $1,000+ level.

    Q. Why is my name listed on the Contributors page?
    A. All students who contribute to the Class of 2013 Endowment Fund are listed on this page.

    Q. Who do I contact for more information?
    A. Please email Patricia Mitchell-Clark in the Office of Development Services or call (404) 752-1736.