• Marita Harris & Clayton Naddell

  • Marita Harris, MD Class of 2014
    Clayton Naddell, MD Class of 2016

    A Shared Commitment to Service

    Husband and wife MD students Clayton Naddell (‘16) and Marita Harris (‘14) share two loves: their love for each other and their love for helping the underserved. Their journey as medical students began several years ago when Marita was accepted into MSM. Clayton was inspired by the holistic approach to healthcare taught in Marita’s community health class.

    “Students go into an underserved community, conduct an assessment through interviews and focus groups and, based on the residents’ input, develop a health intervention,” he said.

    Today, Marita and Clayton both cite MSM’s social mission and its supportive faculty as the two most important aspects of their education. They note that faculty members demonstrate a commitment to helping the underserved through their daily work.

    “Our professors know the community and their patients. I had one professor who would write prescription notes to different pharmacies based on his knowledge of where each drug was least expensive,” said Clayton. “We are taught to consider the role of economic status on our patients’ health,” added Marita.