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  • Types of CME Sponsorship

    Joint Sponsorship
    Joint sponsorship refers to single CME activities sponsored by Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) (accredited sponsor) and a non-accredited institution. Compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Elements, Standards, and MSM policies and procedures is required. Written documentation (letter of agreement) will be tendered for both institutions to the responsibility of activity events. The director, senior program coordinator and at least one member of the CME Committee must be on the activity planning committee.

    MSM Office of CME must approve all activity announcements (i.e., brochures, journal advertising, etc.) and activity related materials (i.e., syllabus) prior to printing and distribution. All printed materials must carry the accreditation statements for jointly sponsored activities.

    Note: Requirements for jointly sponsored activity compliance are outlined in the CME sponsorship approval letter.

    Co-Sponsored Activities

    A co-sponsored activity refers to a single CME activity developed by two CME accredited providers, however only one provider can take responsibility for the compliance and certification for that activity. Written documentation (letter of agreement) will indicate which accredited sponsors will assume responsibility for the activity, and this sponsor must be clearly indicated on all the printed materials.

    Note: Requirements for Co-Sponsored activity compliance are outlined in the CME sponsorship approval letter.

    Regularly Scheduled Series

    The ACCME defines "Regularly Scheduled Series" (RSS) as weekly or monthly CME activities that are primarily planned by and presented to the provider's professional staff.

    RSS include Grand Rounds, M&M Boards and Tumor Boards.

    Download the calendar of events and locations.