• Verification Procedures

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    1. The Student Fiscal Affairs Office (SFAO) will review each file to determine if a student is selected for verification.

    2. If the SFAO requests information or documents from a student, the student must provide the specified documentation or information for verification.

    3. If a student is selected for verification, the SFAO will notify the student to complete a verification worksheet and request any additional information or documents needed to complete verification.

    4. The student must complete the section(s) of the verification worksheet and provide additional documents or information requested, and return the worksheet to the SFAO.

    5. The student has two weeks from the date of the memorandum to provide the information and/or documents requested.

    6. Once the student submits the documents and/or information requested to the SFAO, we will compare the data provided on the FAFSA, Financial Aid Application (FAA), tax return and the verification worksheet.

    7. The verification worksheet and the tax return is used to verify the information submitted by the student on the Need Analysis Form, and FAA, therefore, the information in these documents will supersede any other information submitted.

    8. If the student fails to provide the requested documentation within the specified time period established by the institution, the institution shall:
      • not disburse Federal Perkins funds to the student
      • not disburse FWS funds to the student
      • not disburse Federal Stafford loan funds to the student

    9. If the student provides the requested documentation after the time period established by the institution, the institution may at its option, award aid to the student. The institution must not disburse the Federal Stafford loan, Federal Perkins and FWS to any student until verification is complete.

    10. In the case when a student has no control over the length of time it will take to obtain documents from an outside source (i.e., IRS, Social Security), the student must submit a written request to the SFAO requesting the office to refrain from taking action on his/her file until such documents are received.