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    Location, Location, Location! Buy a map of Atlanta now.

    Take note that I-285 forms a "perimeter" surrounding the metro Atlanta area. The major highways that pass through the perimeter are I-20, I-75, I-85, and GA 400.

    The Morehouse School of Medicine is located in southwest Atlanta off I-20. Ideally, you would like to live in a place that will not require an extensive commute. Most likely this will be within the perimeter. If you need a map of the city of Atlanta to help you become familiar with the city, please go to the following web sites:

    Atlanta Area Maps
    Map Atlanta

    Many apartments offer specials. These deals may range from an application fee waiver to several months of free rent. It is not uncommon for apartments to offer one or two months free for a 12-month lease . You will have to ask for these specials and student discounts, since apartments usually do not advertise them. Also, be on the lookout for coupons and savings offered over the Internet or in renter's guides.

    Generally, you should allow your amenities to reflect your personal needs. In other words, be realistic about what you want in your home. Make a list of the necessities you are willing to pay for. Some things to consider: washer/dryer vs. laundry mat, gas vs. electricity, pool, exercise facilities, Internet-ready, and the security of a gated community. Use this list to narrow down your options. Keep in mind that all work and no play can quickly lead to burnout. Therefore, you should take into consideration the amenities offered by the sheer location of the apartment/house. Is it close to transportation, shopping, clubbing, sporting events, the gym or parks? In times of stress, you may not want to be burdened with a long drive to enjoy a few minutes of free time. You may also want to ask if children are allowed in the community if you have children or if you do not want to be bothered by the noise of children as you study.

    Apartment Locator Services
    Many students find that it is impossible to move to a city that you do not know without some assistance. If this is the case for you we suggest that you consider an apartment locator service.

    Other Possibilities
    Because a large majority of admitted students are originally from Georgia, many students choose to live with parents/relatives for their first year. Living with relatives will save you an enormous amount of money on rent and is an option worth considering. Other options that warrant exploration are renting/purchasing condominiums or houses, renting rooms in privately owned houses, or buying a house. You may discover that for the cost of rent you can own. And if you choose wisely, your home may be an investment that will generate a favorable return when/if you decide to sell it four years later.

    This is a free service to users. The service gets paid when you tell the apartment which service referred you. This service is recommended by students. For more information visit Promove or call 1-800-742-1883 or 404-848-0074.

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