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  • Description

    The Biomedical Technology Service Laboratory (BTSL) / Multi-Use Instrumentation Facility is a core facility that provides multiple research resources, and equipment support for the biomedical and clinical research faculty at Morehouse School of Medicine.

    Services Provided

    Presently, the BTSL personnel maintain and provide services for eleven different sites within the Medical Education and Hugh Gloster buildings plus the Research Wing. These sites are:

    1. Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting/Bio-Image Analysis
    2. 1D and 2D Gel Electrophoresis/Capillary Electrophoresis
    3. Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibody Production/Cell Culture/Cryopreservation /Immunological Techniques
    4. HPLC facility
    5. P2 facility
    6. P3 facility
    7. Darkroom/Polaroid MP3 camera room and four multi-use heavy equipment facilities.


    Bettie Wright: 1D & 2D Gel Electrophoresis, Capillary Electrophoresis, Multi-UseEquipment maintenance and instruction.

    Pamela Lankford- Turner: Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting. Dorothea V. Parker:Monoclonal/Polyclonal Antibody Production, Cell Culture, Immunological Techniques,Multi-Use Equipment maintenance and instruction.
    BTSL MULTI-USE EQUIPMENT Updated 6/19/02


    1. Beckman GS-6KR Centrifuge
    2. Beckman J2-21 Centrifuge
    3. Beckman J2-21M Centrifuge
    4. Beckman L8-70R Ultracentrifuge
    5. Eppendorf Refrigerated Microfuge
    6. Rotors: JA-10 JA-20.1 JA-14 JA-21 JA-20 (2)
    7. Savant DNA Speed Vac
    8. SP CO2 Incubator
    9. Perkin Elmer Lambda 3B UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
    10. Barnstead Nanopure Water Purification
    11. Beckman LS 5000 TA Scintillation Counter


    1. Beckman LS 5801 Scintillation Counter


    1. Pharmacia FPLC System


    1. Kenmore Washer and Dryer (for laboratory coats only)
    2. Two Electric Autoclaves


    1. O Haus Top Loading Balance
    2. O Haus Analytical Balance
    3. Fisher Microcentrifuge
    4. Water Bath
    5. BR Power Supply
    6. Millipore 2D Gel Electrophoresis System
    7. Hoefer Easy Breeze Gel Dryer
    8. Fotodyne Light Box
    9. Corning pH Meter
    10. Hoefer Red Rocker
    11. Hoefer Red Rotor
    12. Bio Rad Transblot System
    13. Equatherm Undercounter Refrigerator/Freezer