• By-Laws

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  • Mission
    The Morehouse School of Medicine Postdoctoral Association is dedicated to fulfilling the needs and addressing the concerns of Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Senior Scientists at Morehouse School of Medicine. The Association intends to establish and maintain a peer network that provides opportunities for scientific and social interactions within the postdoctoral community, and to identify resources and support available to Postdoctoral Association members for their professional development.

    A. All Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, Senior Scientists, appointed within the current academic year at Morehouse School of Medicine are automatically members.

    The structure of the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is defined by the by-laws that follow. However, due to the transitory nature of Postdoctoral Fellowships, the PDA recognizes that in some instances the laws may not be applicable/enforceable. In these cases, the PDA will decide upon a course of action by a majority vote.

    MSM-PDA Executive Council
    A. PDA President
    B. PDA Vice-President
    C. PDA Secretary/Treasurer
    D. Executive Committee Chairs

    1. Advocacy
      The Advocacy Committee shall concern itself with issues relevant to the employment, fair treatment, and employee benefits of members of the PDA, with the goal of insuring equal and fair treatment for all in this organization.
    2. Issues for Internationals
      The Issues for Internationals committee shall concern itself with items that affect PDA members in the international community, such as immigration, employment, and visa issues. The committee chair will work closely with the Office of International Program Services.
    3. Professional Development
      The Professional Development Committee shall be responsible for planning and coordinating Postdoctoral seminars, contacting speakers and preparing career development symposiums (e.g. grant writing, scientific publication).
    4. Social and Communications
      The Social and Communications Committee shall be responsible for checking/maintaining PDA e-mail, posting advertisements for PDA events (electronic/paper) and, if in operation, maintaining the PDA website.

    As stated in the PDA Charter: “It is the duty of the Chairs of the Professional Development, Advocacy, Issues for Internationals, and Social and Communications committees to hold at least one committee meeting between each of the general PDA meetings and prepare a report for presentation at the general body meeting.

    Download PDA By-Laws (PDF)