• Study Design, Biostatistics & Data Management Core

  • Study Design, Biostatistics & Data Management Core

    The SDBDM core is a component of the RCMI Infrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research (R-CENTER) and an integral component of the Clinical Research Center (CRC). These core activities assure scientific merit and quality of research and are critically important to the overall productivity of any research enterprise.

  • SDBCMC Faculty and Staff

    Core Director Robert M. Mayberry oversees a talented team of biostatisticians, epidemiologists, data analysts, database administrators and research associates. Faculty in the program use the latest software including SAS, SPSS, SUDAAN, STATA, NVIVO (NUDIST) and ATLAS Ti.

  • Request Our Assistance

    Our team offers research consultations for conceptualization and design of statistical analysis methodologies. These consultations include assistance with biostatistical analysis, data analysis support, data collection methods, data entry, processing, and data management.

  • Research Study Design
  • SDBDMC provides MSM researchers with advice and support to appropriately design and conduct a variety of studies. In addition to our experience in designing randomized trials, quasi-experimental studies, observational and multi-method studies, we also have the internal expertise and external collaborations for qualitative study design and analysis.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • SDBDMC services are available to assist MSM researchers with data analysis and statistical computing requests. In addition to statistical analysis consultation for data analysis in SAS, Stata, and SPSS, SDBDMC also offers additional services, including sample selection, data collection, analysis interpretation and statistical methods report preparation, and live seminars.

  • Stat. Power & Sample Size
  • Sample size calculation and power analysis are essential statistical consideration for a research. A power analysis tells the researcher how likely it is for a significant difference to be detected with a given sample size.

  • Data Security Solutions
  • Data security planning and storage services are offered in collaboration with the MSM Bioinformatics Core. To request information or request services click here.